How to avoid toxic people?

Maybe you work with someone who is complaining all the time, or someone in your group of friends turns the atmosphere into bad vibes. This people always have some kind of drama all around them, and it’s hard not to get roped into it.

It can be exhausted to be around all this negativity, and especially difficult if you use to be friend for years but today you realize that it is enough for you.

How to recognize a toxic person?

– complains a lot

– doesn’t encourage you

– puts your down

– doesn’t have any goals or ambition

How they make you feel?

– sad

– frustrated

– unmotivated

– down on yourself

How to cope with this people?

– evaluate why it is toxic for you

– if it is putting you down, distance youself from this people as much as you can

– can you talk about your feelings to this person? If so, express youself and let her/him time to think about it.

– if the person is a colleague, try to be cordial but avoid big conversation. Try to spend more time with your others co-workers or meet a new one.

– sometimes you just have to cut this relationship, and it is ok, are you happy when you are with this person? Can you count on them? Do they encourage you?

Each situation is unique, hope these tips will help you to find happiness.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!


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