How to be more confident and believe in yourself?

As long as I remember, I have never been confident.

Always comparing myself to my friends who had thiner legs or smoother hair, better schools results and creative ideas, I used to check all my failures and

what I wanted to change in my life.

Growing up, I realized that everyone has something to give, to share and to create. Even me!

Ever since I made the decision to work on this blog, I’ve tried to work on my own path, and concentrate all my energy and my mind on it.

Today, I give you 5 tips to grow your inner self, be more confident and boost your self esteem.

1. Accept compliments

I used to be embarassed and looking for excuses when someone compliments me.

The fact is that I deserve it! You deserve it too!

You have to accept these kind words, and the only admissible response from you is “Thank you”.

2. Unfollow

Since I have instagram, I am dreaming about a white house, with white carpets and of course a bikini body.

I was checking what people had in their life and what I didn’t, where they were in their career and where I was not.

I quickly understoodd that it was destroying my soul and I was not grateful anymore for what I had in my own life.

So I unfollow all these people and keep just “the real ones”. Try it.

3. Celebrate every victory

I thougt about this blog for so long without having the courage to begin.

Am I intelligent? What if people don’t want to follow it? What if I wanna quit?

Then, I focus on my goals and keep in mind that success takes time.

So, everytime I work on something related to this project, I repeat to myself that I can do it, and I will succeed.

Don’t lose hope and take time to remind you all the step you completed

4. Stop comparing yourself to others

When we focus on someone else, we lose time that we can invest for ourselves.

Everytime you look at someone and try to understand why this person has something you don’t, do not ask yourself why? but how? what can you do to achieve this goal and work hard on it!

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!

dream, plan, do

Don’t forget, you can do it!

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