How to have a cozy office?

We spend more and more time at work, our life can be crazy sometimes.

Wether you work from home like me or outside, your office needs to be warm and cozy.

I notice that adding those specifics pieces in a room can completely transform all the vibes.

Check this out

1. Plants

Choose an indoor plant easy to take care of. For example some succulents, an aloe, or a philodendron, plus, the green color is the better one to learn and work, do you know that all the lamps in library used to be green before?

You will feel immediately creative!

2. Put a comfy sofa

Even if you work behind a desk, having this sofa will give you the opportunity to take some breaks, read or take a call. It will give your office an extra touch or cosiness. Choose it in a soft and bright fabric.

3. The coffee or tea maker zone

You have to stay focus on your goals and trust me, you need a coffee maker close to your desk.

Don’t hesitate to buy a machine just for your office, even the simpliest one, you will save time at the coffee machine, talking gossip with your colleagues.

I swear you will thank me.

4. Let it clean

You have to be creative and fresh, so you need to work in a clean environment.

I am not a kondomari person but I have to admit that I cannot work if my area is not completely clear.

Try to organize all your desks and take one day to put everything on boxes.

Your mind will be lighter.

5. Add fragrance to your office

Choose a natural one.

If you are not surrounded by kids or pets, try essentials oils like lavender, citrus or pepper mints, to stay focus and creative.

You can put some drops on a oil burner or simply on a tissue.

Your work reflects who you are, and I hope these few tips will help you to improve it.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!


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