How to organize your day when you work from home?

Depend on whether you are a mom, housewife or a woman who needs more freedom at work, The “work from home” option is usually the best…but also the tricky one.

If you work from home, your family or friends can easily believe that this is not a “real” job, and you can stop it as soon as they need you

So, you definitely need to organize your day, and today I am going to give you 5 tips to organize you work life at home.

1. Prepare your house

Everyone can admit that having a clean house is one of the best feeling after a long day . So, try to keep a schedule.

For example, you can prepare the lunch and the diner in advance, make a laundry plan for the week and your grocery online.

It will help you to not feel overwhelmed and see things clearly.

2. Make a to do list (and keep it)

Don’t ask too much to yourself, you are not a robot!

Make a practical list to simplify and save time.

The first thing I use to do is the laundry, as it takes 1 hour sometimes more to wash it, I can use this time to clean or cook.

3. Put all the distractions away (yes included the phone)

Focus on your daily goals. At home it is so easy to stop working and make some tea, watching Oprah few minutes to relax, try the new snacks we bought, but stop!

I promess you, after few hours of work, you will feel complete and proud, and that’s all we need.

4. Take a break

It’s not because you work from home that you don’t need a break.

Consider your house as your office, and plan this break to go out and breathe, take a coffee, or call a friend.

You will feel refreshed and creative.

5. Don’t mix your work time with your day off

When you take a day off don’t plan to work at all. Even if it’s just for one hour or just to check your emails, you have to take this entire day just for you, from morning to evening.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!


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