How to say NO?

It’s not easy to know how to say no to your boss, your children or your neighbor. Because we often answer yes when we think no, here are some tips to finally know how to say no.

1. Weigh the pros and cons

There are situations where a negative response is obviously unwelcome. When a colleague asks you for help on a project because she has big personal worries at the moment, it is better to accept. On the other hand, if you feel angry and upset when you want to borrow money from you, refuse. Before responding, take stock: your feelings should guide you in your decision.

2.Take your time

Very often, you feel trapped and you accept an invitation or an additional work because you are faced with a fait accompli. No need to answer immediately? Ask for a period of reflection before giving your answer. To know how to say no, you must take the time to think your arguments, to better advance them when the time comes.

3.Do not feel guilty

You are fully entitled to refuse to lend 500$ to your colleague or to decline an invitation to your parents. And you’re not a monster! Your loved ones are fully capable to understand that you are not at their disposal, and they will not hate you!

Learn how to say will improve your life and your relationships.

try it now!

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