What makes your day?

Life can be crazy sometimes.

We have to-do-lists, schedules, meetings, and we don’t really take time to enjoy all these little things around us.

Recently, I realized that everyday I can be grateful for what I have and try to appreciate it more.

Here some :

1. Wake up with a ray of sunshine.

Since I am young I cannot sleep in the dark. I can remember how relaxed I was, taking a nap and feeling the light on my face.

Today, as I live in a “360 days of sunshine country”, I have one more reason to smile every morning

2. Week-end Breakfast

I love to wake up early, and take time around the table with my husband and my children, they always have something crazy to tell us and our talks are priceless. A perfect start for a perfect day.

3. Dancing

Remember this music you use to hear when you were teenager, and feel energetic and happy.

Put it every morning, start your day with it, dance, jump, sing! You will feel so good, trust me.

4. Beautiful hair.

I didn’t do my hair everyday, I usually leave them air dry. But when I take time to straighten them, I feel so confident and fresh. Try it!

5. Take fresh air before anything else.

When I am in vacation in France for christmas, my family uses to look at me like I am crazy with my scarf around me, sitting on the garden and enjoying the cold morning. It helps me to meditate and be thankful for what I have, and this new day.

I promess you, this is a great tip for a great day!

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!


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