How to overcome your shyness?

Overcome your shyness, speak for an audience, say no, know how to be heard, all that is possible, and I will help you!

No, timidity is not innate! It has causes, and you can free yourself from it. Here some tips.

1. Face small challenges

To modify an attitude, you have to train you. For timidity, you can try to put yourself in a situation you don’t like. For example, when you meet someone, say hi looking at this person in the eyes, smile, say something really simple(about the weather or something else)… the most important it is to accumulate small victories, think about it, everytime you live a success, your brain record it and is preparing for an other one. You get it!

2. Don’t aim too high

Don’t be too severe to yourself. Step after step , be happy of all the changes you are making. Don’t aim too high, you might be disappointed by the results.

3. speak

Instead of hiding the fact that you are shy, talk about it with people you love and trust, but also with people you see everyday. Opening yourself to others about a part of you, and a part of your life, is already a first step and a first victory.

4. Breathe

Before and after you have to face an intimidating situation, take a deep breathe. Imagine your belly like a balloon. Slowly inflate it, and deflate… your posture is very important too, keep your head up, and your back straight.

5. Use your imagination

In an unconfortable situation, imagine the people in front of you in an awkward situation like, using the toilet, or in underwear… trust me, they will definitely not be intimidating anymore!

Timidity is not a disease, be kind and patient with yourself, day after day you will succeed, day after day you will overcome it.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!


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