How to deal with haters?

You know “haters gonna hate”.

On internet, it is so easy to criticize, to mock and to hate someone.

On your journey to success, you will find haters who will not like your work, or your way of life. Some of them are jealous of what you are or what you do because they wanted to do the same!

I am gonna help you today to deal with this kind of people.

1. do not respond to them

Actually it is so easy to be mad and make long messages to explain that there is so much place for everyone to succeed, that you are a good person…bla bla bla.

Stop! Haters are haters, they will not listen to you, they keep this bad feeling inside themselves and you will not be able to change them easily. So stay on your line and do you business.

2. Don’t talk about them

Bad critics about your work will put you down sometimes, and you will want to look at some friends to talk about it. But try to not expand this story around. Haters gonna hate more! Keep your smile, keep doing your positive affirmations, and believe in yourself and your dreams.

3. Always stay calm

Don’t feed them with anger, long explanations and justifications. Take a deep breathe, remember your values and standards, and block them.

4. Dont take it personally

Most of haters are jealous, so take it like a proof of your good work. You deserve to have haters, you work so hard, so definitely take it like a reward for your very good results.

Dealing with haters this way will give you serenity and peace of mind. You are intelligent, you are capable, you are a girl boss.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!


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