How to make your living room warm and cozy

Your living room is one of the most important area in your house. It is where you welcome friends, where you spend family time, and sometimes where you work. An uncontrolled decoration will give you a cold atmosphere, a living room need to be warm, even if it is a modern or contemporary house.

So, how to transform your living room in a warm and cozy place?

Check this out!

1. Think about pillows

If you are interested about decoration and design, you probably noticed that some of fabrics are more warm and cozy. For exemple, leather can quickly transform your house in a cold place if it is not associated with a big and fluffy rug or beautiful pillows.

On that basis, do not hesitate to place some cushions in your sofas!

2. Plaids for a warm decor

Plaids will help you to keep a warm atmosphere! You can roll yourself in it, watching a movie, and give your living room a new style. Do not hesitate to play with differents fabrics and textures.

3. A big and fluffy rug

The floor has a very important part in your house, and in your general atmosphere. A tile floor can be very cold and in general an empty floor is less cozy than a covered one. A big shaggy long-haired carpet will give you a cozy and warm living room.

4. Customize your living room decor

No, having a beautiful decor is not living in a catalog! A too tidy and symetric area will give the impression that you don’t live in your own house. A warm living room is a living room where there is life. Some pieces can help you : like plants, books, magazines or flowers.

5. Play with lights

Yellow lights will give a warm atmosphere if you want to rest after work or spend quality time with your friends and family. compare to the white ones, good choice if you want to be productive and energetic.

Don’t forget the candles! It is one of the most used decor in every living room, electric or natural, scented or not, white or colored, this is the perfect cozy piece.

6. Cover your walls

White walls are my favorite, but it can be cold and empty. Don’t hesitate to cover them with arts or mirrors.

I selected for you some of the styles I love, I hope it will help you. Tell me, do you liked it? What is the centerpiece of your living room?

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!


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