Why Jeanne Damas is the french girl we love?

She is THE It-girl à la française. She is called Jane Birkin’s 4th daughter, for her face and her skinny look, she is so natural and she became over the years a real icon.

I always admired french girl with this effortless look. At school they used to come after the minimalist french routine, you know the few minutes in the bathroom, just to have a quick shower, apply moisturizer and shake their hair. I remember looking at them in high school with wet hair and rosy cheecks.

French women do not think about their outfit. They want to be beautiful and they are not worried about being a fashionista or not

Take a look at her perfect french style.

. She is a wonderful blogger and influencer

Very famous with her blog, she became an icon in the parisian fashion life.

She was called to be the muse of jacquemus on the very beggining of the brand.

She signed with model agency IMG Models and became gucci ambassador.

Her style and her parisian way of life attract now a big community of brands, millenials and fashion people. You can follow her on her instagram, vip party, friends time or lifestyle pictures, she shares her life with simplicity and style.

She then created her fashion brand, a mix of vintage and parisian chic style.

Like every it girl, she has a tribe, Garance Doré, Lolita Jacobs but also Mathilde Warnier or Adeline Mai are a part of it.

Here some of her best pictures.

Credit: Jeanne Damas Instagram page

Hope you will be as inspired as I am by this beautiful and strong woman.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!

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