8 virgin girly cocktails

Cheers to this good news! A lot of cocktails are available in several variants without alcohol for our greatest pleasure.
Called Virgin Cocktails, they revisit on their way the margarita, piña colada, cosmopolitan and more.

Let’s discover it!

1. Virgin Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Remove the vodka of the famous Cosmopolitan recipe and you will have this refreshing and tasty drink! Perfect for parties!

Ingredients for one drink:

10 cl of cranberry juice

15 cl of strawberry juice

4 cl of lime juice

1 sugar cube

Some pomegrenate seeds

1 lime (or orange) slice

Ice cubes

the recipe

Put some ice cubes in the shaker.

Add the sugar cube and the fruits juices.
Shake few seconds and filter the mixture.
Serve on cocktail glasses and garnish with the lemon or orange slice.

2. Virgin Margarita Cocktail

Margarita without tequila? This is the best idea for a fresh cocktail you will want to drink without moderation!

Ingredients for one drink

24cl of orange juice

8cl of lime juice

4cl of agave sirup

1 lime

Granulated sugar

Crushed iced

The recipe

In a container, pour some crushed iced, then add the orange juice, the green lemon juice and the agave sirup. Mix it well.
Wet the mid of a margarita glass with a lime juice and sprinkle with granulated sugar.

Serve the margarita with a slice of lime.

3. Cocktail virgin Caïpirinha

This virgin cocktail is the best to wake you up!

– Ingredients for a drink:

1 lime

1 spoon of brown sugar

One tonic like Schweppes

crushed ice

– the recipe

This preparation without alcool is made directly on the glass.

Cut the lime into quarters, place them on the glass and pour the brown sugar on in.

Crush with a pestle, cover everything with crushed ice and complete with the tonic.

4. Cocktail virgin mojito framboise

The mojito is the traditional cuban cocktail. This virgin one without alcool, with raspberries, lime and cane sugar is a delight!

– Ingredients for one drink :

4 quarters of lime

5 to 6 mint leaves

2 spoon of cane sugar

1 spoon of fresh raspberries or iced ones

5 to 10 cl of sparkling water

10 cl of raspberries juice

Ice cubes

– the recipe

Crush the raspberries, the sugar and the lime with the pestle.

Add the mint, the crushed ice and the raspberries juice.

Thansfer the lixture on the shaker, shake it.

Add the sparkling water, the ice cubes and few mint leaves for the decor. It is ready!

5. Virgin colada cocktail

We remove the rum and we have the best sweet and warm drink!

– Ingredients for one drink:

4 pinneaple slices

10 cl of pinneaple juice

5 cl of coconut milk

1 cl of cane sugar

Crushed ice

– The recipe

Put aside 2 pinneaple slices for the decor, and mix all the others ingredients on a blender. Pour on a glass, with the 2 pinneaple slices and enjoy it fresh!

6. Virgin Mary cocktail

A bloody mary without alcool is the best for summer drink!

– Ingredients for one drink

15 cl of tomato juice

1 cl of lemon juice

0,5 cl of tabasco

1 cl of worcester sauce

Celery salt


Ice cubes

– The recipe :

Put the ice cubes on a glass, pour the Worcester Sauce, the tabasco and the lemon juice. Mix gently.

Add the tomato juice, the pepper and celery salt.

Decorate the glass with a celery branch and enjoy it!

7. Virgin bora-bora cocktail

Created in New york on the 80’s, the bora-bora can be also made without alcool. Check this out!

Cocktail virgin bora-bora

– Ingredients for one drink

10 cl of pinneaple juice

6 cl of passion fruits juice

1 cl of grenadine

1 cl of lemon juice


Ice cubes

– The recipe

First, put the ice cubes on the shaker, add the others ingredients and shake.

Pour into a glass and decorate with lemon slices or fruits skewer.

8. Virgin beachcomber cocktail

The beachcomber is initially with rhum and liquor, but this one, without alcool is sooo good!

– Ingredient for one drink :

2 cl of raspberry syrup

4 cl of lime juice

2 cl of guava juice

Crushed ice

– The recipe

Pour all the ingredients in a shaker, shake it well, once on the left, once on the right.

Serve it into a conical glass, decorzted with a fruit skewer and mint leaves.

Tell me what is your favorite!

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!


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