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A lifestyle blogger’s daily routine

Since I launched my blog, I realize that a great routine helps me to be organized, but also happy to do my job.

It develops my creativity, and I can focus on my daily goals.

Here my best routine as a blogger!

1- miracle morning

I do not believe that wake up in the middle of the night is the best for me…(5 am is still the middle of the night for me), so 6am is difficult but necessary for me to have a good day. I have time to drink a coffee, and breathe.

2- pamper myself

My husband loves to drop kids off at school, it’s HIS time with them like he uses to say. So, every morning, depending on my mood, I can take time to choose only clothes I love. Even if I stay at home. Wearing them make me feel strong and beautiful. Do not underestimate you, you are gorgeous!

3- check my message

I am french and I live in middle east, I have readers from all over the world. I received messages at night and need to review all of them in the morning. I always take time to read them and reply.

4- breakfast time

I usually take my breakfast 1 or 2 hours after I waking up. At home or outside with some friends, I try to eat healthy, especially after a week-end eating treats or french pastries(my favourite). I always have chia seeds, fruits and almond milk, my best!

5- writing

I work on articles everyday. I do some researches, pictures and I write few paragraphs. I do not follow a planner, I prefer to have week goals.

6- break

It is essential to take a break and breathe. Usually I call my parents, my brothers, I reply to my cousins on our snapchat group… sometimes I watch a tv show like ellen or Netflix.

7- cooking

My children finish school at 2pm and I love to cook their favourite dishes and set the table for them. They work hard, they are courageous, and I love how happy they are to back home. I usually cook something healthy and simple. Sometimes vegan. They love alfredo pasta or rice and curry…me too…

8- homeworks

I am always available for them during homeworks time. They usually don’t have a lot to do as they work so hard at school. I talk with them, I help them to feel good and confident. Then they go out for activites (in our residence) or play with friends until 6pm.

9- household

I hate it, compare to my husband I am not efficient and organized with households. I am just not this kind of person who moves some things and make a room bright and shining. So I use to do it with method. Dishwasher, then dust (we live at the desert’s gates, you can imagine), and finally laundry. Thanks god my husband and my kids use to help me everyday.


I love to cook early to have time with my husband once he is at home. We go out for a walk, we take a tea and discuss. I love this moment. So I think about my diner before 5pm, and it takes me around 40min to do it (I am not a chef, nothing fancy). In the same time, I make the lunch boxes too.

11- social media

My children go to bed around 7.30, my husband usually works or watch a tv show. I check my social medias like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. It helps me to be connected with my readers and share my thoughts of the day.

12- end of the day

During the week, I always stop everything before 10pm. Screens just give me headaches. It is important for me to end the day thinking about what I did right and wrong. I read and sleep very quickly.

This routine is mine and it is not the best for everyone, but I hope it will give you some ideas to organize your day and give you some free time.

What is your best part of your daily routine?

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!


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