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3 tips to disconnect after work

If you work almost everyday, you forget to enjoy your week. When you come back from work, you usually act like a robot, shower, diner, sleep…and then back to work.
Your mind is focus on your day at work and it doesn’t allow you to rest and enjoy your day and evening. You need to disconnect, you have this right!
If you respect 3 tips, I promess, you will feel so much better!

1- Have a real moment just for yourself
Usually, after a rough day, the first thing I do is to sprawl onto the sofa or my bed, and worst…I begin scrolling on instagram or twitter, and I can stay like this for sooo long!
Two hours later, I am still there, my head full of unnecessary informations, then, I do not have time to cook a healthy meal or read a book.
So, my advice is, as soon as you come back home, take a bath and enjoy a face and hair mask, read, cook or order something you like. End your day calling a friend or watching a movie.
Relaxation assured!

2- Choose a leasure activity

Boxing, singing, drawing… you have a lot of possibilities, do something you really love and keep your mind away from work!

3- go out!

A simple walk can change all your mood and give you a fresh mind. Call a friend to take a drink or just talking. Go at the park or just around your house. Do not stay at home! Break your routine!

You have to stay active! Do not stay on your couch waiting for the next day, or you will feel like you spent the week at work.
I hope those tips will help you.
Tell me, how it improves your day.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!


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