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Rethink your lifestyle in few simple steps.

Check this out!

1- More green in my life

I love my garden in France, but now that I live in middle east, I have more light brown and sand than green… so everyday, I remove my curtains to watch the palmtrees outside, and I bought my first plant. Taking care of it is a real pleasure.

2- make healthy changes in my eating habits.

Since the lockdown, I used to cook several breakfasts and lunches for my children. They are bored and so hungry! What about me? I eat with them of course! I realized that soon I will regret it. So I made a meal plan that I will share with you soon.

3- Writing more

The more I write the more I want to create contents. So everyday, I make researches, pictures and I plan my articles of the week. In this way, I am more productive and positive.

4- Consuming less and better

During this crisis, I received so much offers with delivery option from my favourite shops.
But you know what? I really didn’t want to buy everything I saw like I used to before!
Definitely, it changed my way of consumption.

What about you? Did you change something in your lifestyle since the lockdown? I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!


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