Guest room essentials, 8 tips to play the perfect host

We love to have family and friends at home. My biggest concern is to offer them the best staycation. So I thought about how to prepare the perfect guest room. Here some tips!

1- A mirror on the floor

It gives your room a touch of design and a sensation of space and luminosity.

2- add some readings

Install a bookcase with various readings, your guest will be happy to have something to read before sleeping.

3- Create different areas

To have a welcoming room, create different places like : sleeping area, reading area with a comfy sofa, a dressing place… your guests will feel like home.

4- choose some colors

The guest room like the rest of the house needs to be decorated.
Create a warm style. You can add some colors and wall frames.

5- Create a dressing

It will be much appreciated to have a space for the clothes and be able to empty the suitcases

6- Think about lights

Choosing good lights is very important. Add bedside lamps, a chandelier for all the room, and a floor lamp to create a warm design.

7- Think about household linen

First, choose a beautiful bed linen. The best one is coton percale and do not forget to add a beautiful set of towels in the bathroom. Your guest will feel like they sleep in a hotel room!

8- A beautiful welcome basket

Put it on a table or the bed, fill it with some sweets like a little box of chocolates, chewing-gums or some candies. Refreshing wipes, and some beauty products.

Do you have more tips for us?I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!


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