Vegan Instagram accounts you should be following

I am trying a vegan month, not only to loose weight, but to feel better. It is not easy and I always need some motivation. So, I want to share some of the accounts I’ve been loving lately, so you can follow them and enjoy their colorful food!



Sam shares the most gorgeous, vibrant plant-based treats. I’m especially a fan of her raw vegan donuts and layer cakes. She’s literally the queen of raw vegan desserts! Everything she makes is so decadent and colorful, not to mention her stunning photography skills.


Taline is one of the most creative vegan foodies I know. I’ve got her Hippie Lane app too which has a bunch of her best recipes. Not to mention she does this all while being a lovely mother!


Jessie is honestly one of the sweetest women I know. Okay, I don’t really KNOW her but just by watching her Instagram stories you get the feeling she has the kindest, warmest spirit. I love all her stunning, seasonal plant-based recipes that always surprise me. She’d be the person you want to cook you dinner for sure!


Boy oh boy do I wish I could cook like Renee! She’s got a knack for making any and every piece of her dish look like a work of art. I love how moody her photography and her food styling blows me away. She takes every recipe she makes to another level!


I’ve been following Rhiana from the beginning! One look at her comfort food classics veganized and I was won over. From faux mac n’ cheese to mini donuts to unicorn cupcakes to breakfast burritos, she makes the most drool-worthy vegan food ever. It’s like reliving my childhood every day when I look at her feed!

What’s great about Instagram is that it brings all sorts of like-minded people together from all over the globe. what is your favorite one?

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!


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