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How to live a slow life, and really enjoy it

We are in a constant state of busyness in today’s world. We never shut off, anxiety is through the roof for a large portion of society, and we just can’t seem to slow down. Maybe you’re tired of the constant noise of everyday modern life, maybe you’re ready for a change. Living the slow life can help you live a more mindful, intentional life that you actually enjoy.

10 Slow Living Tips to Slow Down and Enjoy Life Again

1. Unplug

In a world that is so connected and always available, it’s easy to be distracted. We are constantly connected to our devices, available at the touch of a button at any given moment. Unplugging regularly and not being open to all of the distractions our modern connectivity brings can really open up new avenues in your life.

When you unplug, and I mean completely unplug, you get the chance to sit down and enjoy what’s around you. You’re not distracted by your phone pinging, or your TV. You can just enjoy your common, everyday surroundings and breathe.

2. Enjoy Silence

I know in our house there’s generally always noise buzzing. The radio, the TV, the kids playing. Something is always making noise. And we tend to just drown out the noise, but we never sit down and turn it off and enjoy… silence. I love sitting down in the evening, no distractions, no noise and enjoying the sounds of nature. It really helps you put your day in perspective and shut off the constant buzzing in our daily lives.

So, turn off the TV, the radio, the phone, all of it. And just enjoy the sound of silence. Try it every day, morning, noon, night or whenever is convenient for you.

3. Turn Routine into Ritual

We have things we do, mindlessly, every day. We shower, dress, make morning coffee, let the dog out, and a dozen other things. Every single day. So, instead of them just being mindless routine activities slow down and really focus on what you’re doing. Pay attention to the smell of your shampoo. How wonderful the coffee smells before you even pour a cup. Anything you do on a routine basis can certainly become ritual.

4. Just Be Present

No phones, no cameras, no distractions. I know, we love to capture memories. Especially in today’s world. But the time we take to capture those memories takes away from actually making the memory itself. Take a photo at the beginning to capture the moment, and then let all of those distractions go. Be in the moment. Nothing can capture the memory you’re making like your mind. Allow it by being present in the moment instead of being distracted by creating a photo.

5. Get Outdoors and Go for a Walk

Every single day, you should get outdoors and walk. Breathe in the fresh air and just enjoy your surroundings. It’s amazing how appreciative we become of the world around us when we stop to breathe it in and spend some time in it. Even the concrete jungles that are our urban areas can be beautiful and well-appreciated if we take the time to really see them.

So, get outside regardless of the weather and enjoy a walk through your neighborhood. Do something that gets your moving outside every day.

6. Embrace Boredom

We’re never bored anymore, are we? We find something to fill the time so we aren’t bored every single time boredom begins setting in. It’s the whole connected thing that’s the problem. But, our creativity really blossoms when we’re bored. And it allows our children to be children.

So, embrace the idea of boredom. Don’t pick up your phone, don’t turn on the TV for the kids. Sit for a moment and I can guarantee you (or your children) will think of something to do in no time that you actually enjoy.

7. Do Only What You Love

Obviously we all have to do things we don’t want to. I know every few people that truly enjoy getting up and going to work every single day. But, there are things that we do that we don’t have to do, just because it’s expected or assumed.

So, stop. Do less. If you don’t want to go to the cookout, don’t. If your kids don’t want to be in soccer, don’t make them be in soccer. Do things you love, not things you’re doing for the sake of doing or because you feel obligated to. This will open up more time to do things you truly enjoy doing.

8. Read a Book

Read it to yourself, find something to read aloud as a family. Put down the phones, turn off the TV and the radio and really get into the book. If you’re reading it aloud, really get into the moment. Make reading exciting. Lead by example by picking up a tangible book in the evenings. I can bet your kids will follow suit.

9. Declutter

We have too much stuff. It clutters our minds, it clutters our homes, and it costs us precious time. If you’re having trouble finding what to get rid of, here are 117 things you can ditch today that you’ll never miss.

Decluttering helps us get rid of the unnecessary to make more room for the things we love and enjoy. Start small and slow and build up as you go along. You’ll have less stuff and a happier life because of it in no time.

10. Don’t Multitask

Do one thing at a time. It helps you focus on the task at hand, slow down, and get it done. So often we’re on our phones, working on a project, watching TV, eating etc etc. Multitasking is often a “job requirement” and so many people mention it on their resume.

But, the truth is, multitasking does not make us more productive. And it certainly doesn’t improve our workmanship or our lives. Slowing down and doing one thing at a time helps us be more productive, helps us enjoy it more, and improves the outcome regardless of what the task may be.

Live Simply

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