Top 5 movies for the best fashion inspiration

A movie is one of the biggest platforms that not only reflect real life but also inspires the people who watch them. They create such an influence on the individual that we tend to follow them and relate with the characters to stay up to date and trendy. Movies have been influencing the fashion industry since decades. Many fashion devotees have followed the high standards set by the world of cinema and to help you in being one of such fashion devotees, following are the top 5 movies that are a must-watch for every fashion enthusiast and should be added to their to-watch list. These movies aren’t just fun to watch, but also offer you great insights into what is trending!

1. The Devil Wears Prada

This 2006 movie is not just any fashion movie! It is the ultimate fashion movie that has ever been created. It has created such high standards for every movie that focusses on fashion. All the actors have pulled off the most branded and stylish outfits such as the head-to-toe-oh-so-2000s Chanel ensemble. It is the cult classic for all the good reasons – being a comedy flick and an eye candy for any fashion fan. The looks of the characters and the collection of bags and coats are still inspiration to every fashion lover.

2. Sex and the City

This classic cannot be left out of the list. The movie of 2008 about the lives of four friends in New York City has created ultimate goals for every fashion lover. It reflected a constant stream of fashion inspiration, designer brands, and NYC style. All the 4 characters had trendy outfits that suited their personalities and taste. It is one of the most famous fashion movies ever created. From the wedding dress, the bridal couture photoshoot, and the fashion week appearance, it has created its own fashion statement that is hard to surpass.

3. Marie-Antoinette

Sofia Coppola can do no wrong in my eyes when it comes to filmmaking. But the true star of “Marie Antoinette” is the aesthetics. Coppola knows a thing or two about style, so it makes sense that her films are heavyweights in the costume department. “Marie Antoinette,” with its embellished wigs, ornate fans and dramatic gowns, is possibly her most stylish offering thus far.

4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This movie is an old school classic created in 1961. It is full of glamorous and classic fashion elements and is one of the most successful movies of its time. The fashion statements that the movie created left such an embedded impact in the fashion industry that the retro style is something which is coming back in the 21st century. This film deserves the credit of creating the hype of “Little Black Dress” which is a never-ending trend and is considered to be the most simple yet stunning outfits. Holly Golightly with the black gown, the diamond necklace, and the velvet gloves is the style icon for the ages to come.

5. Crazy Rich Asians

A movie of 2018 depicting the life of Asia’s wealthiest families and their lavish lifestyles is full of fashion influencing bits where the characters pull off saucy and tasteful outfits such as the fictitious bride, Araminta Lee, wearing the Swarovski-encrusted wedding dress, and the vintage looks donned by Asia’s most stylish woman, Astrid Leong. It creates an impactful image upon the viewers and influences the fashion market.

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