the best entryways for every house style

Whether spacious or cozy, the home entryway holds great importance in our everyday lives. It’s both where we prepare to greet the day and where we are welcomed home in the evening. Use your home’s entryway as an introduction to the whole house, here’s how:


A place to sit as you slip your shoes on or off is perhaps the most important element in an entryway. More than simply a convenient (and practical) addition, the type of seating you choose can set the tone for the whole space.


Think of all the items your family needs to leave the house for the day: shoes, keys, hats, scarves, and bags… It’s no wonder entryways can become overrun with clutter! To avoid this common problem, incorporate as much storage as the space can allow while staying within your overall design plan. Units that combine seating, cubbies, baskets, or hooks are especially practical.

console Table

Positioned near the front door, a console table can become command central for the entire house. Car keys, pocket change, and mail frequently find their way here. Keep it all organized with a catch-all spot, like a pretty glass tray, ceramic bowl, or decorative basket. Tables with drawers are another smart option.


More than the dramatic design it adds to a space, a mirror offers you one last look at yourself before leaving the house. You might pick an oversized mirror with a thick wood frame, an ornately gilded design, or a coordinating mirror-table combination.


And what good is a mirror to check your appearance without proper lighting? There are a number of choices optimal for entryway lighting, like overhead fixtures and chandeliers, wall sconces, and table lamps. Select a style that complements the space’s style and be sure to install soft light bulbs to emit a flattering glow.

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