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How to create the laundry room of your dream

The laundry has migrated from a functional utility room to a space worth styling.

A beautifully styled laundry has soared in popularity, ensuring the most mundane of daily chores are enjoyed in elegant surrounds. It’s no longer the forgotten room at the back of the house. And no matter how small the laundry room, there are ways to style it into a sophisticated space.

Wall Storage to The Rescue!

This clever little laundry room idea is great on your wallet and will immensely help you during your laundry days. Gone are the old ways of storing everything either on the floor or on the inadequate machine cover. Install sleek looking wall baskets that can help you store your laundry essentials and even a few orphan socks that have no place else to go.

Mounted Drying Rack

Drying clothes is a hassle. It takes up a lot of space and greatly minimizes your movement within the laundry area once all the clothes are drying. We recommend that you set up a designated area for drying your clothes and use a ceiling-mounted drying rack that neatly organizes your dry clothes. This laundry room idea will help you declutter your washing area and even bring a little order in the chaos that ensues during laundry day.

Mind the Space

The best laundry room ideas are the ones that help you organize your washing area in a way where you efficiently use all the available space around you. Effectiveness and efficiency are key to maintaining a budget-friendly laundry room. Look around your washing area to figure out how you can add more space without going overboard. A great example is to add racks behind your door, this way, you will always have your essentials when you need them and they will literally be out of sight when you close the door!

Folding Area

Having a predefined folding area will greatly increase your movement and efficiency in the laundry room. Install a wall-mounted desk-type area where you can fold your clothes easily as you stack them up. This will help you keep all your clothes organized and will immensely lessen the chance of losing a pair of socks in the wilderness that is also known as the laundry room.

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