Beauty Tricks We Should All Be Stealing from French Women

French women are a symbol of beauty. Carine roitfeld, Laeticia Casta, Sophie Marceau… they all have age-defying secrets, and today, I share with you 3 simple beauty tricks to steal from French women.

Follow A Simple Routine

First, use a face mist all over your face, then, a soap or a micellar water. I highly recommend  the Bioderma micellar water

and  the simple cleanser from Aime

Moisturise Your Skin, I Mean, Eve-ry-day!

Morning and evening, apply a good moisturizer. Do not let your skin dry. And if you need it, use a water mist during the day. I love the new crème cachemire and crème tisane de nuit from Caudalie.

Less Is More

Sometimes, we love to have a full makeup but, for your everyday style, choose a minimalist routine. If you need a foundation, I recommend les beiges from Chanel, Very light and fresh. Then a small touch of blush from Clé de Peau Cream Blush.

A touch of Mascara and lipstick, and voila!

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!
And, do not forget, the only way to feel fresh and beautiful is confidence and feel good inside. You rock girl!


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