4 female painters to follow on Instagram

Artists are embracing Instagram to spread their work and experiment before an instantly responsive audience. The platform is an amazing tool for finding inspiration. There are numerous up-and-coming as well as popular designers and artists sharing their creations with the world.

Here 4 female artists to follow on Instagram!

Lola Donoghue is an Irish visual artist living and working in the West of Ireland. her work is characterised by a predominantly white-on-white palette, layered with a mix of muted colours and splashes of bright neon. Her work is light and fresh and the compositions are a delicate balance of intricate linear forms and concentrated layers of colour.

Stefanie Bales is a San Diego based contemporary fine artist, gallery owner, and professor, specializing in fine art painting, murals, watercolor, instructional workshops, and custom commissioned projects.

Kate Tova is a full-time contemporary artist currently living and working in San Francisco. In her recent work, she experiments with vibrant, large-scale multimedia artworks, incorporating reflective mediums and think textures.

Lea Augereau’s paintings depict diverse women on their own terms, and it is these beauties that cover her IG feed. Beginning as a fashion designer, Lea swiftly moved into painting, drawing attention to modern women who follow their own rules.

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