5 fun things to do when you are fed up with everything!

I use to write about happiness, slow life, positive lifestyle… but I keep in mind that we are not robots. It is impossible to be happy every single day. we all have our problems, and we try to deal with them keeping our healthy mind.

Rather than being able to control everything happen in our lives, I selected for you, 5 fun things to do when you are fed up with everything!

Throw A Ball Outside. Turn the TV off, call a friend, and grab your glove. Throwing a ball outside is a time-honored tradition that’s great for exercise, and even better for your psyche.

Watch Your Favorite Movie. It doesn’t matter that you’ve seen the movie 50 times already. Go ahead and watch it again.

Jump Rope. You probably jumped rope when you were a kid. It’s great exercise, and it’s fun too!

Paint Something. Grab some finger paint or watercolors that you have on hand and just have fun painting something new. You don’t have to be good at it to have fun.

Sing In The Shower. Who cares if your roommates can hear you? Belt it out!

Hope it will help you to feel better today, do not forget, you are not alone in this situation.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!


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