How To Arrange A Homeschooling Area For Your Children

Last year we were in middle east, and like people all around the world, it was the most challenging year of our life, trying to keep our mind healthy, dealing with bad news on TV, the 5th meal our family members are asking for and…maybe the scariest time of the day… homeschooling!

Now that we live in France, our children are back to school full time, but last year they used to have between 4 and 5 hours Zoom meeting per day. I can hear you guys “zoom meeting?! so lucky! so the teachers managed everything!” well… not really. I remember running from the living room to my bedroom (where my son felt “more comfortable to work”), giving them the red pen or the eraser they lost around the house, trying to cook and write on my blog. After 2 weeks I realized that I was going crazy in this situation. We needed a unique place where my kids can work, and having all their books and school supplies.

I am a big fan of Pinterest, so I found there my inspiration. I give you today some tips and ideas to create the best learning area for your children, whether you have a big house or not.

Epic Bookshelf Transformation

Transform a bookshelf into a full-fledge homeschool organization center. Such a great idea from Not Consumed.

Tiny Corner Space

This idea for homeschooling in a small space is brilliant. Use wall space to hold all your things if you need to use a very small desk. Smart idea from Simple Tender Joyful.

Beautiful DIY Desk

Another great idea for a small space utilizes a rolling cart to keep all your school supplies and a DIY homemade desk from Curbly.

Cart Storage & A Comfy Seat

I adore the idea of giving kids a comfortable place to complete their school work so they aren’t sitting at a hard desk or table for the entire day. This idea from HGTV also uses a rolling cart for supplies which seems to be a really great trending idea!

Super Colorful and Ultra Organized Room

I fell in love with this homeschool room many years ago and still adore it. It’s colorful and organized and I just love it. From The Moffat Girls.

Pull Down Wall Desk to Save Space

Another amazing space saver idea is a Wall Mount Desk! This DIY tutorial from Rain On A Tin Roof will help you make your own OR here is one you can take a look at on Amazon.

Extraordinarily Organized!

I could not possibly leave this amazing homeschool organization off the list. This is actually an in-school classroom, but the ideas within the post can easily be utilized at home. They’re so genius and organized I just had to share it with you.

I’d love to see what your homeschool are looks like. Share below in the comments. Go mamas! You rock it! see you on instagram guys!

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