8 Fashion Items I cannot Live Without

My wardrobe is full of clothes, half of which I don’t even wear anymore.

However, there are certain pieces in my wardrobe that I wear often and I’d find it difficult to dress without these key items.

Take a look at my selection of 8 fashion items I cannot live without.


credit: Getty image

Originally born as sports garment, nowadays they’ve largely spread out of sweaty boundaries and have become like a warming second skin to me. I use them as a much more comfortable alternative to skinny, paired with maxi shirts and jumpers. Invest in a few good quality pairs that are nice and thick – there is nothing worse than trying on your new leggings and realizing they are see-through.

Credit: Broadimage/Shutterstock

A Black Dress

The classic LBD is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, especially for low maintenance women. And with just a few different accessories, the dress can look like a new outfit every time you wear it.

High Heels

credit : Manolo Blahnik

You either love or you hate high heels, but as painful as some of them might be, every woman should own at least a pair or two for special occasions. They improve your posture, create an optical illusion of a slimmer body and longer legs and body.

 High heels seen at Paris’s fashion week. Photograph: Olivier Degoulange/Rex/Shutterstock


Chanel J12·20 Watch

Watches have a look, character and a style of their own, that at the same time give others a peek into a woman’s lifestyle. So, if you still haven’t bought one nice watch for yourself, don’t wait up.

Olivia Burton Grey and Rose Gold watch

Floral Dresses

Let’s admit it, who can abandon flower patterns only because it’s winter? We’re certainly not! The right choice if you’re trying to achieve a feminine touch under layers of cardigans and shirts.

Ankle Boots

The perfect boot, aka the comfy one with a little heel perfect to have that formal but laid back look. Ideal for everyday at the office and, most importantly, waterproof!


The most used (and abused) second skin of all of us. Comfy, resistant and in a tin of colors and styles: they’re little our best friends! I love wearing them with a white shirt.

Camel trench coat

How can one stay warm without losing style? The answer is surely a wool camel colored coat! It looks elegant and sophisticated even to a more sporty look and steadily has become my ceremony and formal events go to.

What are your must-have items? Am I missing something important? I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!

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