Once upon a time, I had terribly dry and damaged hair.

I have been on the hair recovery road for almost a year now. I have tons of products in my beauty cabinets I’ve used on my hair in the past. Some that worked really well, some that didn’t. What it all comes down to is that my hair is just extremely damaged from all of the processing and heat tools I’ve been using on it. I know how truly frustrating it is to have dry damaged hair. And over the years, I have probably tried nearly every product on the market to fix my fried locks.

After all these years of damaging my hair, I’ve learnt two things – the first being that there’s nothing better than a good hair cut and the second is that a great conditioner can help get your hair back to looking and feeling healthy.

SO. In light of all of that – I’ve been on the hunt for the BEST hair masks on the market – with an affordable price tag. I need to use hair masks at least twice a week so it just isn’t realistic to be spending $50-100 on one jar. I wanted to keep it under $30 so I’ve been testing a product for the last few months to round it up for you. Let’s dive into this.

Seriously, This Nisha Beauty hair mask is my all-time favorite. It leaves my hair soft, shiny, and visibly stronger with less split ends and a smoother appearance.

I have talked about this ayurvedic mask with all of my friends because I LOVE it.

Ayurveda is based in holistic ideology, so when it comes to the hair it’s not just about tropical treatments and products. It’s a lifestyle.

I use this after my conditioner in the shower every time I wash my hair and leave on for 10 min. Once a week, I leave it in for 30 min while taking a bubble bath or reading a book. It smells amazing, and really does help repair my hair. It’s one of the first masks I used that really made a visible difference after one treatment. I will forever recommend it. Plus, the composition is 100% clean.

Here the result (this is not my hair, but a friend of mine who gently accepted to be my model for a day)

IG: Mondayvibz
IG: Mondayvibz

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