Here’s why beauty pills are skincare’s big thing, and a review of what I tested

So, first of all, should you even be taking a supplement? That’s a question for your doc (and make sure to chat with him or her before you start taking one). But the general consensus from the experts we’ve spoken with, as well as our first-hand experience is that as long as you choose the right one, digestible supplements can be a good, well, supplement to your existing beauty and/or wellness routine. They won’t replace the basics such as wearing sunscreen or eating a healthy diet, but they can be a helpful piece of the entire puzzle.

I’ve loved tanning ever since I was pretty young. I realized over time that If I wanted to maintain a beautiful bronze glow, and not damage my skin, I’d have to learn to use self-tanners.

Here what I discovered:

For some people, sitting in the sun under harmful UV rays for hours to get a tan just isn’t the best idea. Between finding the time to tan and having to deal with the damage it does to your skin, tanning under the sun is falling out of fashion. There are alternatives – spray tanning and self-tanners can be extremely effective, but take a bit of skill and practice to get a natural looking tan. This is where tanning pills come in.

Eclat Total from D-Lab is one of the more natural tanning pill. It contains ingredients such as beta-carotene, turmeric and apricot. Included in the formula is natural vitamins and other antioxidants, all which promote healthy skin. The aim of the pills is to give a glowing summer tan, but also maintaining healthy skin, that isn’t damaged by the sun or any other harsh chemical.

Overall this is probably one of the better, and certainly one of the most popular, self-tanning pills on the market.

I can’t help it, I am a little obsessed with skincare. Constantly seeking out the best in beauty.

D-Lab purports to help you with three things: nails, hair, and weight.

I tested the” glowing skin complex” complexe peau lumineuse.

Plenty of supplements promise to leave skin more hydrated and radiant, but this takes it one step further, using ingredients that work to combat all kinds of complexion imperfections. I can confidently say my skin looks fresh and healthy, which I truly feel is a result of incorporating two of these pills into my daily routine.

What about you? What is your favourite beauty supplement? I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!


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