10 bad habits to quit for a happier life

Hey guys! So, in today’s blog post we are going to talk about 10 habits in our daily lives, that we should all quit to live a happier life. We all want to live happy wholesome lives right? But what do we actually do about it? Do we even know what the definition of our happier life would be?

There are people who have the answers to those questions but they don’t know where to start. But there are also people who have no clue what a happier life would be like for them.  And that is perfectly fine too. Well, let me tell you that a happier life starts the moment you decide that you will quit the self-sabotaging habits of your daily routine. And I do not mean not brushing your teeth or letting off your phone more, not at this post at least. I am talking about all those habits that manifest in your mindset. In the way you think and therefore the way you act and, you guessed it, the way you live.

So what are those habits that you should quit in order to live a happier life?

Setting your mind on autopilot

I can’t stress this enough honestly. Our brain is amazing and extremely powerful. Setting it in autopilot means quitting any effort to take control of it in order to channel it’s power towards what serves you the best. It means to let it repeat the same thought and action patterns that have failed miserably thousand times already and denying to take action against it because it feels “too hard”.

I really want to create a specific post about it because of how important and life changing realizing this can be. So let me know in the comment section if you would be interested in it.

Giving up when things get tough

I remember watching a youtube video, one of the motivational ones, about mental toughness, and the man in the video said something that hasn’t gotten out of my head ever since.

It is so easy to be great today, because everyone is so soft

We have grown up having already everything we need to survive. We never had to fight for anything vital because it was already there for us. And it made us soft. It created the mentality of throwing something in the bin of “not worth it” just because you need to put a bigger amount of mental effort than the average, which by the way, doesn’t even deserve to be called an effort.


Imagine this scenario. You are getting ready to go out. You fix your hair, do your make up, wear a lovely dress, look in the mirror and feel like someone injected the whole confidence of the world inside your veins. And just when you start feeling great, you open your Instagram feed. You see all those Australian goddesses you follow with the tanned bodies of 120lb, the blond long hair and the amazing legs, and all of sudden, your confidence has puffed away.

Yes, comparing can really take the fun out of life and run victoriously.

But, just like Jen Sincero said:

can you imagine a world, where Marilyn Monroe would look at Kate Moss and decide that her curves are too much and she should slim down? What a mess that would be right?

Comparing yourself with anyone else is a waste of time. You are unique and loved and special and beautiful inside and out. It only takes for YOU to see it, and then the rest of the world won’t really matter.

Making excuses

if it is important for you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse

It is ridiculous how many excuses we can come up with when we want to avoid doing something. And the most ridiculous part is that most of the times we are lying to our own selves by presenting these excuses as the reality.

If you are serious about creating a happier life, then you really need to stop it with the excuses. The only thing they can offer you is the prevention of growth and change. Excuses will always be there available to you, but opportunity isn’t such an easy chick. Don’t let it go like that.

Judging too hard

Judgment isn’t really about other people, it is always about ourselves. People who judge too easily are the ones with the biggest insecurities. The reason behind that is that we are trying to hide the parts of ourselves that we feel the worst for, behind other people’s mistakes.

Stop judging, and try to have more understanding. Try to think if doing it offers you something valuable. Be more empathetic, and notice how it is changing the way you see yourself at the same time. It is truly game changing.

Snoozing you way through life

Yep, guilty as charged. Type-A procrastinator, but still working on it. Procrastination is a habit of self-sabotaging. It is all about undermining your capability of getting a task done or being too afraid to face the difficulty and hiding behind your “laziness”.

Being a people’s pleaser

Being a people’s pleaser is all about saying “yes” to everything just to satisfy the other person. But, do you know what this actually makes you? A liar. You are not only lying to the other person by saying yes without meaning it, but you are also lying to yourself by trying to convince her that what others want should be prioritized over your needs.

Be honest to the other person, whoever that is, and say what you truly believe. Start receiving pleasure by satisfying your “wants” rather than other peoples’ and notice your life changing radically.

Looking for external validation and approval

Looking for external validation is a common practice for many of us. We seek for it because we lack self love and respect and other people see it, and translate it to weakness. So if you want a happier life, start looking deeper in yourself and find what’s really the best for you. Stop giving a shit about other people and find yourself, the true one, and what she really needs. Now that’s a way to live.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read it. Do not hesitate to email me at or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM! for anything you may need or questions you might have. Let’s be here for each other.


1 thought on “10 bad habits to quit for a happier life”

  1. Yes I would love a detailed post about living our lives on autopilot or sleep walking through life as I like to call it.
    Amazing article, I really enjoyed it. I want to live a happier life so I’m going to stop comparing myself to other people.


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