Beautiful Coffee Table Inspiration And How To Style Yours Like A Pro

In a perfect world, we’d all have immaculately styled coffee tables—ones with perfect monochrome stacks of fashion books, designer candles, and towering floral arrangements. Yes, in the age of Instagram, our innate determination to keep up with the Joneses has extended to the living room. In the real world, however, our coffee tables better resemble a mashup of remotes, miscellaneous magazines, kids’ toys, and other random objects. I am here to change that and show you just how this prominent piece of living room furniture can be used to create awe inspiring style in your home. here’s, all the tips that will have you styling your coffee table to perfection in no time at all.


Balance is an important component of any coffee table display, and one of the easiest ways to achieve balance is with symmetry. When styling a coffee table it can be a great idea to tape off your table into a four square grid so that you can compartmentalise your styling sections and achieve perfect balance and symmetry in each quadrant. It is always best to have one dominant central object that grounds your display such as a plant, stack of books or sculpture and then several smaller displays of equal visual weight positioned around it. These surrounding objects don’t have to be identical, they just need to balance each other in terms of size and tone, think candles, vases, smaller sculptures, or crystals.



Creating the perfect composition can often be the most daunting element when it comes to styling a dreamy coffee table. The objective is to think about how all the items you would like to use in your vignette will work cohesively as a whole on top of your coffee table. The key to creating this cohesion is to connect your pieces through colour, style, shape, theme or even a mixture of these. Once complete, the entire display should read as one with each item fitting together to play its part in creating your coffee tables unique stylistic story. Getting the composition of such a highly visual display just right takes plenty of practice, don’t be afraid to play around with items, edit or curate fiercely until the placement feels impeccably perfect. A really simple way and a bit of a trick stylist use to ensure items work together within a display is to corral all the items in a tray. It’s a fabulous, not to mention simplified way to group items together and it also can help a vignette look more unified. It is best to place your tray display in the centre of your coffee table or slightly off to one side.


Let the objects on your coffee table tell a story about your passions and memories. Be it chunky African beads from a holiday long gone, collected chunks of coral from the beach or heavy gilded coffee table tomes on fashion, interiors or whatever it is that takes your fancy… There are endless ways to make your coffee table style uniquely yours. Be sure to avoid over cluttering your coffee table as it is vital that it remains a functional piece of furniture in your room. Whilst it can be tempting to display everything you love at once, DON’T, and instead rotate pieces out seasonally to keep your look fresh, up to date and inspiring!

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