Bring a touch of magic to your children play room

Lately everything in our home has been Teddy Bear. When we came back from expatriation, my daughter Lily took a full suitcase of them. I thought it will pass with time, but I realize that it comforts her, especially when it’s bed time.

We had the chance to receive a special box from kids of the wool. A new concept of soft toys, but not only, Kids of the wool is an entire world where your kids can explore, imagine and dream.

Check this out!

Based on Lily’s personality, she received Rita Rabbit, so soft, the colors are amazing and the quality, beyond my expectation! Coming with it, a book with the whole story of the kids of the wool: where they come from, how they were born… the character definitely becomes a part of your child life and playing routine.

Some accessorizes like masking tape and games are available to complete the package.

Rita even has a passport!

Kids of the wool gives you a whole experience and it is hard to resist discovering the entire collection. This is the perfect personalized gift for Christmas, birthday or just if you want to bring some innovation to your children play room.

Wich character are you going to choose for your little ones? I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!


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