How To Wear Pink Without Looking Like A Candy

Pink is one of those colors that divides opinion. You probably either love to wear it, or never wear pink at all. However, if you’re wondering how to wear pink so you look sophisticated rather than girly, there are plenty of ways to wear it in a chic and stylish way, whether you choose a pale pastel shade or a bright shocking pop of pink.

Wondering how to wear pink this season? Let’s discover many fabulous ideas below with some pink outfits for women that should inspire you – and the best colors to wear with pink!

Pink Blouse

A pink blouse can be a stylish option for either work or for the weekend. A Pink blouse can easily be tucked into high-waisted wide pants or a pencil skirt or you could wear loose over leggings.

Pink Sweater

A soft pink sweater can be a beautiful choice as the weather starts to turn colder. You could simply wear with your blue jeans.

Pink Blazer

I’m sure you already have a blazer in your closet. But how about a pink one? You could wear it with a column or black or navy underneath for an elongating, slimming effect, or just pop over a pair of jeans and white t-shirt.

Pink Coat

A pink coat is a good choice for transitional weather as we move from summer through to fall.

Pink Dress

A pink light style dress is universally flattering and a great alternative to your little black dress.

Pink Pants

If you prefer wearing pants to jeans, high-waisted pink pants are super flattering, you should look great from any angle!

Pink Shoes

Changing your shoes is an easy way to update your outfits. You could add a pop of pink to neutral outfits in your closet.

Pink Handbag

If you’re more of a bag person than a shoe person, you could update your looks with a stylish pink handbag.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM!


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