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What I am loving right now and where to shop

I’m back to share some beauty and lifestyle favourites with you! I’m feeling refreshed, recharged and reinspired for all 2021 has in store. I eased into the new year slowly and really carved out some time to think about what I want to accomplish and share with you here at Upperley. It was definitely a valuable exercise that caused me to reevaluate my typical content schedule — and left me with the desire to shake things up around here!

So, I’ve decided that my Monthly Favourites posts are now going to include lifestyle and WELLNESS favourites in addition to BEAUTY, FRAGRANCE and SKINCARE! I’ve also decided I will not publish them every month — but rather, more organically when I have favorites to share. You guys get a good idea of what I’m loving FASHION and skincare wise through my style and beauty content, but I’ve never really had an outlet to share my lifestyle and wellness favourites in this capacity. All this change also inspired me to switch things up in the way I capture this content. If you’re up for a change of pace and excited to learn more about a handful of beauty, skincare, wellness and lifestyle products I’ve been loving this winter, pour yourself a big mug of herbal tea and settle in for a cozy read! 

I don’t know about you but taking my makeup off is the biggest chore ever. I hate doing it! There’s nothing worse than being half asleep and realizing you haven’t taken your makeup off yet. The Makeup Eraser is amazing. At first I wasn’t blown away I’ll be honest but after giving it another try I was impressed.

It claims to remove makeup with just water but I did have to put a bit of my cleanser on there mainly because I do like my skin to have a proper cleanse. Using just water to remove eyeliner and glitter eye-shadow was a definite no! It’s so easy to keep clean and it’s very soft too. The color is a vibrant hot pink which would make the perfect gift for any girl. You can get this product here.

I love double-cleansing. The two-step cleansing technique — which requires a cleansing oil and a gentle gel or cream cleanser — has been my go-to move for my beauty routine this year. It just works. My favorite first-step product these days is the Suki Cleansing Oil. It’s packed with a cocktail of good-for-your-skin ingredients, like sunflower, morgina, and meadow foam oils, smells zesty like lemon, and melts away makeup and dirt almost instantly. No wonder I’m already halfway done with the bottle after just a couple of weeks of use.

We discovered kids of the wool. A new concept of soft toys, but not only, Kids of the wool is an entire world where your kids can explore, imagine and dream. the colors are amazing and the quality, beyond my expectation! Coming with the soft character, a book with the whole story of the kids of the wool. Some accessorizes like masking tape and games are available to complete the package.

I’ve shared this mug on Instagram many times, but this FRANCA ‘CARA’ MUG become one of my favorites. It’s made so beautifully and has such a nice weight to it. This combo was one of the first things I received as a gift from the Brooklyn company, but most definitely, I will buy the rest of the collection.

I am obsessed with this stuff! I discovered it when I was in middle east. It’s seriously so good. What do I put it on? Oh just EVERYTHING.

you can order online (and honestly the prices are better online anyway somehow?)

Just do it and thank me later.

I am QUITE the connoisseur of glow products of every origin and variety. I live for this shit.

And this product right here might be one of my all time favorites.

This stuff is sort of like a liquid highlight and a foundation combined, and I use it almost every day: I put a TINY dab on each cheekbone, blend it in, and then apply concealer under my eyes and a brow, and poof- I’m done. And I look like I just drank 5 gallons of water. SHE IS HYDRATED + GLOWY OK.

10/10 recommend this stuff, and even though it’s pricey, it comes in a HUGE bottle that is sure to last you a while.

That’s it! What are you loving these days? Anything out there I need to try? Let me know in the comments or DM me on INSTAGRAM!


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