Alright Fashion-Inspo seekers! Here’s what’s out, what’s coming and what we’ve heard is cooking in the binge-able world of fashion “shows…” that include Big Stars, Big Fashion &Big Time Periods.

1. House of Gucci

Lady Gaga and Adam Driver bring it home, with a full collection of vintage Gucci on display for the film.

2. HBO Max Docu-Series, American Fashion 

This is a short, quick docu-series. Each “mini sode” summarizes a decade of fashion, iconic moments worn by your favorites through out history and even how trends came to be! Find it on-demand now on HBO MAX. 

3. Netflix Mini Series, Halston

It’s out and you can binge away on Netflix. Think: NYC, Studio 54 and many flowing garments. A story about American Fashion Designer, Halston, played by Ewan McGregor. 

4. In Theaters, Spencer

Kristen Stewart will be playing Lady Diana in a biographical film called Spencer. The film dives into the emotions and inner workings of who Princess Diana was as a person, mother and royal and is focussed on one period of her life. Expect iconic looks by the long missed style icon herself through out the film.


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