stunning fireplaces to enjoy winter at home

I came back home after our expatriation in middle east. During 6 years I missed the winter spirit and more importantly, my fireplace! North of France is usually pretty cold and grey all year long. It is so common to have a fireplace here, it is so warm and a great way to cozy-up your… Continue reading stunning fireplaces to enjoy winter at home

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Christmas is that time of the year when you let every corner of your house boast of the holiday spirit. take a look at these  ideas and tips for decorating your home for X’mas in a unique way.


4 effortless looks to copy right now

Many people believe that those with effortless style are just born that way, with an eye for what looks good, or seem to just wake up on the right side of the bed each morning. When it comes to learning how to look effortless, the truth is that it’s obtainable to anyone of any size… Continue reading 4 effortless looks to copy right now


Top 5 movies for the best fashion inspiration

Movies have been influencing the fashion industry since decades. Many fashion devotees have followed the high standards set by the world of cinema and to help you in being one of such fashion devotees, following are the top 5 movies that are a must-watch for every fashion enthusiast and should be added to their to-watch list.