Beauty Tricks We Should All Be Stealing from French Women

French women are a symbol of beauty. Carine roitfeld, Laeticia Casta, Sophie Marceau… they all have age-defying secrets, and today, I share with you 3 simple beauty tricks to steal from French women. Follow A Simple Routine First, use a face mist all over your face, then, a soap or a micellar water. I highly recommend … Continue reading Beauty Tricks We Should All Be Stealing from French Women

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stylish people on instagram you should follow

Today I am sharing my favorite instagram accounts who inspire me so much when it comes to be productive and stylish.


How To Overcome Mom Guilt

Sometimes, in the course of loving them deeply, we tend to do everything in the best possible way and provide them with the best of everything within our capacity which puts us under pressure.

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How to be a Morning Person When you Really Don’t like Morning

Getting up early doesn’t have to be a drag. If you train your body to look forward to the mornings, with your established patterns, exercises, and protein-packed breakfast you’ll be up and running errands in no time.