empowerment, work and success

How to manage your career and your personal life?

Manage a professional career and a personnal life is a challenge. However, it is possible to handle it without sacrificing anything in your life. So, follow some tips I give to you today.


Why Jennifer Lawrence’s house is goal?

The young Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence bought a house in Los Angeles and trust me, it has everything you need, coziness, elegance and style.


6 must have fragrances for powerful women

Find a new fragrance is not easy. For you, I selected 6 new perfumes of this year. Designed and created for powerful and independant women.


8 virgin girly cocktails

Cheers to this good news! A lot of cocktails are available in several variants without alcohol for our greatest pleasure.
Called Virgin Cocktails, they revisit on their way the margarita, piña colada, cosmopolitan and more. Let's discover it!


Why Jeanne Damas is the french girl we love?

She is THE It-girl à la française. She is called Jane Birkin's 4th daughter, for her face and her skinny look, she is so natural and she became over the years a real icon.

empowerment, work and success

4 Good habits to meet success

All successful people spend their free time doing things that help them through their journey to success.
In this post I give you the best habits you can have in your life that will lead you to success.


How to make your living room warm and cozy

Your living room is one of the most important area in your house. An uncontrolled decoration will give you a cold atmosphere.
So, how to transform your living room in a warm and cozy place?
Check this out!


Books you need to read as a girl boss

With this blog I am trying to be the best of me, and help you through this journey to success with me.
No matter who you are or who you want to be, a stay-at-home mom, an entrepreneur or a professional woman looking for a new challenge, you need to find positivity and organization in your life. You need to focus on your goals and success.

Here’s my list of books you need to read as a boss babe.